2010 Journal Quilts

April 18, 2013

In 2010 I took Art Deco as the inspiration for my journal quilts.

JanuaryCQ JQ Jan 2010
This JQ was derived from the geometric pattern on a lacquered screen. The fabrics are synthetic satins, sheers and painted hessian. It is appliquéd and machine quilted.




CQ JQ Feb 2010February
This quilt is made from commercially printed cotton fabric. The design was inspired by an Erte theatrical costume. The techniques used are appliqué, free machine quilting & couched threads.




CQ JQ Mar 2010March
This quilt was inspired by some black and white Art Deco designs which I found on the internet. The black checks were printed onto white cotton fabric with acrylic paint and the black cotton leaves were bonded in place before machine quilting.




CQ JQ Apr 2010April
This quilt is made from all sorts of scrap fabrics. It is foundation pieced and machine quilted. It was inspired by a piece of Art Deco jewellery.




CQ JQ 2010 MayMay
The inspiration for this quilt was an Art Deco building.
I used funky foam to make a print block and printed the image onto thin paper using acrylic paint. I bonded the paper to cotton fabric. It was then machine quilted and embellished with hand stitching.




CQ JQ 2010 JuneJune
The same building was used in this quilt. The circular motif is a print block inspired by the design on the front of an old radio.
Having printed the design onto paper, I scanned it into the computer and manipulated it using Paint shop pro. The finished design was printed onto two layers of lutradur which had been treated with Ink Aid. The piece was then machine and hand quilted.



CQ JQ 2010 JulyJuly
Once again I used Art Deco architecture as inspiration.
I had been using the motif to experiment with batik. I scanned the resulting fabric into the computer and using Paint shop pro, I lifted the wax image and changed its colour and size to produce this design. I then printed it onto cotton fabric which had been treated with ‘Bubble Jet Set’. The piece was then machine quilted.


CQ JQ 2010 AugAugust
For this JQ I returned to Erte for inspiration. The spiral pattern comes from one of his fabric designs. The background is randomly pieced and machine quilted. The spirals are cut-back appliqué.




JQ Sept 2010September
This is a reverse appliqué piece, inspired by the design on an Art Deco style powder compact. The main fabric is the result of a batik session with Judy. The motifs were also inspired by Art Deco architecture.




JQ Oct 2010October
In this piece I have used the same Art Deco window that I have used in earlier JQs. The fabric was painted with acrylic paint, the design monoprint and then machine quilted.




JQ Nov 2010November
Here again I used fabric from our batik session, but this time using the computer, I scanned the batik fabric, and in Paint Shop Pro, altered and added some colours. The design was then printed onto prepared cotton fabric, machine quilted and embellished with buttons.



JQ Dec 2010December
For the final JQ for 2010, I used an Art Deco floral design as inspiration. The tulip is a monoprint on painted fabric. Raw edged appliqué and machine quilting add texture.

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