2011 Journal Quilts

April 18, 2013

In 2011, I took inspiration for my journal quilts from photographs, taken on our holiday to Northern Italy.

February JQ 2011-Pisa
In an effort to become more abstract, I began by making a collage of some photos taken in Pisa. I selected an area of this and reproduced it in oil pastel on paper, which I then washed with water colour. I scanned the image into Paint shop pro, changed the colours, selected and enlarged a portion of the image and printed it onto prepared cotton fabric sheets. I then machine quilted the piece and embellished it with hand embroidery stitches.


March JQ 2011- TurinMarch
For this JQ I used the architecture of the Porto Nuovo railway station in Turin. First I made two print blocks. I then used them, along with torn paper, acrylic and watercolour paint to create a design in my sketchbook. I scanned the design and printed it onto prepared cotton fabric sheets. I added some fluffy thread to represent the torn edged paper and machine quilted the piece.


AprilApril JQ 2011-Venice
The inspiration for this quilt was a doorway in Venice.
I had been reading an article on ‘Workshop on the web’ by Wendy Dolan and used her technique to produce this piece. It involved appliqué of white textured fabric onto white fabric, which was then painted with fabric paint. Detail was then added with free machine-embroidery.


May JQ 2011-Florence

This JQ was inspired by a beautiful sunset over Florence. The background was created using water soluble crayons and pencils, which were fixed by screen printing a fabric medium over the top. This is a technique used by Kerr Grabowski. Michelangelo’s David started out as a black and white photocopy of one of my photographs. It had been stuck into my design book and painted with acrylic medium. When it was dry I added colour with dilute acrylic ink. This is a technique used by Laura Kempshall. I scanned the resulting image and printed it onto heat transfer paper, cut it out and bonded it to the background (the sunset). It was then quilted with free-machining.


JuneJQ 2011 June
This is a computer generated image, inspired by the waters of Venice. The design is printed onto cotton Jacquard prepared fabric sheets and machine quilted.





JQ 2011 JulyJuly
The inspiration for this JQ was the Florence sky-line at sunset. It is cut-back appliqué and machine quilting.






AugustJQ 2011 August
Al Gazzettino is an amazing family run Trattoria in Venice which has a long and interesting history and links with the local newspaper. The background of the quilt is a collage of receipts and tickets which I scanned and printed onto fabric. The sketches of a Gondola and window were done with ‘Inktense’ pencil and then machine quilted.



JQ 2011 SeptemberSeptember
This quilt was inspired by the tiled marble floors in the churches. The panel with text was tea dyed and the text hand written. I used ‘Inktense blocks’ to colour the yellow fabric and the stencilling was done with acrylic paint. The piece was then machine and hand quilted.




OctoberJQ - Oct 2011
The inspiration for this JQ was the many masks seen hanging in shops and on stalls throughout Venice.
I used white cotton fabric which I painted with Derwent Inktense blocks and pencils. The piece is machine quilted with a variegated thread and tiny crystal buttons embellish the female mask.



NovemberJQ - Nov 2011
This JQ began as a small sketch in a notebook.
I scanned the drawing and enlarged it on the computer, then printed it onto a prepared organza sheet. I painted the background fabric, using Derwent Inktense blocks and machine quilted it before laying the organza over the top. I used a running stitch to anchor the organza in place and outline the drawing.
Since we saw many cats in Venice, I attached a small ‘cat’ button to the fence on the lower right of the quilt.


JQ - Dec 2011December
This JQ was inspired by architectural details in Monticatini and Turin. I scanned pages from my sketchbook, printed them onto prepared cotton fabric. The piece is machine quilted and embellished with three small black buttons.

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