2012 Journal Quilts

May 3, 2015

All 12 JQs for 2012

This challenge was set by the Contemporary Quilt Group, which is part of the Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles.

Members of the group undertook to make one small quilt every month, each had to be A4 size. These could be made using any technique, method or material and have any theme. They did have to contain 75% red in the first four months, 75% yellow in the second four months and 75% blue in the final Four months.

I chose Dance as my theme, Ballroom and Latin.

JanuaryJQ Jan 2012 - Paso Doble

The Paso Doble was my inspiration for this quilt. The red background is curved pieced and is made up from a selection of fabrics, printed cotton, embroidered, plain and satin and silk. There is some foiling and the figures are raw edged appliqué.



FJQ Feb 2012 - Argentine Tangoebruary

This quilt was inspired by the Argentine Tango. I printed part of an altered photograph onto red cotton fabric for the background. The dancers are raw edged appliqué.




MarchJQ March2012 - Samba

Here I hoped to capture the carnival atmosphere of the Samba. To create the background, I bonded small pieces of sparkly red fabrics to a red cotton base, covered it with a sheer fabric and free machine quilted through all the layers. Once again the dancers are raw edged appliqué.



JQ April 2012 - Rock & RollApril

To create Rock and Roll, I cut back through the red layer to reveal a stripy layer underneath. The piece is machine quilted and the dancers are raw edged appliqué.




MayJQ MAY 2012-Foxtrot

The Foxtrot inspired this JQ. I tried to give it a Hollywood feel. The spotlight on the background was created on the computer using Paintshop Pro and printed onto prepared cotton fabric. I then machine quilted circles. The dancers are once again raw edged appliqué.



JQ June 2012-Cha-ChaJune

The Cha-cha has a similar background to the Samba, but I chose less sparkly fabrics. Otherwise it is constructed in the same way.





JulyJQ July 2012-Charleston

The background for the Charleston was a scanned page from my Art Deco sketchbook, which was printed onto cotton fabric. Transfoil squares were added and the piece was machine quilted. As before the dancers were raw edged appliqué.



JQ August 2012-QuickstepAugust

The background for the Quickstep is computer generated. It began as a photo of an Art Deco window which I distorted, altered the colours and printed onto yellow cotton. The piece is machine quilted.




SeptemberJQ Sept 2012 - Rumba

The dance here is the Rumba. The spotlight on the background is computer generated and printed onto cotton fabric.




JQ Oct 2012 - American SmoothOctober

The background for the American Smooth is computer generated. It began as a night time photo of  New York. I altered the colours using Paintshop Pro and printed it onto fabric. The layers are ‘Tied’ with tiny silver cross stitches.





The Waltz. The background fabric was painted, the balustrade printed with acrylic paint using a homemade block and the moon and reflection on the water was transfoil.




Viennese WaltzDecember

This JQ depicts the Viennese Waltz. The background was created using Paintshop Pro. It is part of a photograph of which I enlarged and altered the colours, then printed onto fabric. As with all the others, the figures are raw edged appliqué.


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