2013 Journal Quilts

April 21, 2013

This year the size for the Journal Quilts is 12” x 8” and the quilts should be of a horizontal orientation. The 12 quilts must also be based on the same theme.

I have chosen as my theme the stories of the Arabian Nights.

JQ Jan 2013 The Kingdom of Shah ShahryarJanuary – The Kingdom of Shahryar

This quilt was inspired by the story of the two brothers Shah Zaman and Shah Shahryar. The sky was painted using Jacquard fabric paints, the moon is transfoil and the silhouette of the city is raw edged appliqué.


JQ Feb 2013 Sheherezade Begins the StoryFebruary – Sheherezade Begins the Story

The silhouettes of Sheherezade and Shah Shahryar are raw edged appliqué. The blue night sky in the background was painted with Jacquard fabric paint. The fabric for the stone arches was created by painting a page in my sketchbook, which I then scanned and printed onto fabric. These are also raw edged appliqué.


JQ March 2013 King Yunan and the Sage DubanMarch – King Yunan and the Sage Duban

Once again I painted the background fabric using Jacquard fabric paints. I created the tiled floor with the help of Paintshop Pro and printed it onto fabric. The same fabric was used for the binding. The figures were first painted into my sketchbook. They were then scanned and printed onto fabric, which I stitched to the quilt using the raw edged appliqué technique.


JQ April 2013 The Tale of the Faithful ParrotApril – The Tail of the Faithful Parrot

The parrot in his cage was painted in my sketchbook. I scanned the image, printed it onto fabric and along with the silhouette of his owner I stitched them to the quilt using raw edged appliqué. The background fabric was painted with fabric paint, then printed with gold acrylic paint.
I added a border of tile fabric left over from the March quilt.

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